Automotive Cleaner Attendant

Job Summary

Responsible for greeting customers at the car wash, taking orders, washing vehicles, and vacuuming interiors. Uses cloths, hoses, chemicals, and water to clean and detail vehicles.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Greet people and direct them to wait inside while car is being washed.
  • Apply soap to car or truck and scrub using appropriate cloth.
  • Spray rims and clean dirt from tires and rims thoroughly.
  • Spray window cleaner on windows and dry off.
  • Apply wax using circular motions.
  • Ensure all soap is rinsed from car before beginning other applications.
  • Remove debris from car.
  • Use shop vacuum to suck up dirt and debris from carpets.
  • Use upholstery cleaner to remove spots and stains from carpets.
  • Remove car mats and shake debris out.
  • Clean rear windows.
  • Use chemicals to wipe down interior of car.
  • Clean dash and console with soft cloth.
  • Use cleaning agents, brushes, cloths, and hoses.
  • Apply several coats of wax as needed.
  • Remove car seats and vacuum to remove debris.
  • Operate cash register and process payments.
  • Ensure patrons’ valuables and cash remain undisturbed in vehicle.
  • Handle complaints as needed.
  • Deliver excellent customer service.
  • Direct patron to receive their car after it has been washed.
  • Take payments and deliver receipts and change.