You can’t see them but they’re there.

700 different types of bacteria are living inside the interior of your vehicle.

We know that you still need to make it to the doctor’s office and the grocery store, so keeping your vehicle as clean as possible is of the utmost importance not only for yourself, but for your loved ones as well. The coronavirus can survive on a plastic or metal surface for three to five days, so properly sanitizing one’s vehicle should become a habitual action, like brushing your teeth or washing your hands. 

The new Rhino Pro Truck Outfitters disinfectant keeps a vehicle clean and virus free-for 3-6 months. It is completely safe and rids a vehicle of bad smells, germs, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Common sterilization procedures are effective in killing the majority of bacteria and microbes, but the effects are short-lived. Soon after sterilization, the disease-causing microorganisms resume reproduction, causing all previous disinfecting procedures to be done in vain. 

One of the active ingredients, quaternary ammonium, has been approved by the EPA kill various strains of germs. The whole disinfecting process takes about 15 minutes and at the end a vehicle will come out smelling fresh and citrusy. 

The “invisible enemy” is out there. Let’s do our part and help stop the spread of viruses in our local communities.

*Free service offers and special discounts are available for first responders.*

The Rhino Strength Solution

The Rhino Strength Solution


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