American Truck Rack

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  • Features
  • The American Truck Rack is a multi-purpose ladder rack that can be mounted and simultaneously used with roll-top tonneau covers by Truck Covers USA.
  • This truck rack is made entirely in the USA.
  • Integrates Aluminum and stainless steel design elements to create a sturdy but eye-pleasing mechanical architecture.
  • Easily installs to the bedrails of pickups with stake pockets WITHOUT DRILLING.
  • Weighs only about 60 lbs. but easily carries up to 500 lbs.
  • Employs extruded aluminum crossbars and legs containing internal reinforcing ribs; a fir spar embedded within the crossbars further stiffens and strengthens them.
  • Features aerodynamic crossbars that are flat on top to gently support loads, and rounded front and rear to improve airflow and gas mileage.
  • Includes a tie-down eyelet at the end of each crossbar and at the base of each leg making tying down cargo with ratchet straps or ropes a cinch.
  • Facilitates loading cargo with a forklift.
  • Side-rails provide platform for mounting accessory crossbars just above the bed.
  • Removes easily and disassembles for compact storage.