Bonding Agent 1K

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Rhino Linings® Bonding Agent 1K is a convenient-to-apply, single component primer system. Designed as a standalone product for porous substrates, the VOC free, Bonding Agent 1K is a moisture-cure MDI formulation which has low viscosity.

Adding solvents to primers in order to reduce viscosity and foaming effects is common industry practice. The overall lower viscosity helps improve the penetration into porous substrates, thus increasing the bond strength. Solvents can be added to Bonding Agent 1K to thin for spraying. When using solvents all safety precautions must be observed as solvents are flammable. Follow all OSHA guidelines when working with solvent systems. Recommended solvents are Butyl Acetate, Xylene, MEK or Acetone.

  • Features:
  • Ability to be applied by phenolic resin core roller, brush or airless spray gun.
  • Good flexibility – withstands mechanical stresses where the lining is subject to impact.
  • Low viscosity – easy to process.
  • Excellent adhesion to steel, wood, concrete, FRP and many other surfaces.
  • Pigmented yellow for easy visual confirmation of application.
  • Easy to use.