Delta – Aluminum Crossovers Single Lid

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Aluminum Crossovers & Innersides

INNERSIDES JOBOX aluminum innersides utilize the same Gear-Lock™ System, self-centering latch pin, RSL™ Lid and high-strength body design as the crossovers. They mount on the top of the bed side walls and are ideal for storing longer tools and equipment. Innersides help keep the bed free for storing bulky items. Combine innersides with a crossover to create a wraparound storage system.

ALUMINUM CROSSOVERS JOBOX aluminum crossovers provide superior security for tools and equipment. The combination of our Gear-Lock™ Dual Rotary Locking System, RSL™ Rigid Structural Lid and our high-strength body will resist over 1,000 lbs. of prying force to break in.