Delta – Underbed Boxes – Steel

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Aluminum & Steel Topside Boxes

JOBOX aluminum and steel underbed boxes are built for protecting heavy tools and equipment in the toughest conditions. Durable weather stripping forms a tight seal to prevent moisture from entering. The 3-Point Locking System draws the door tight against the weather stripping surrounding the door opening. It locks the door at the top and on both sides.

  • Features:
  • The 3-Point Locking System has a rotating T-handle with drill-resistant lock
  • “Quick-release” coated aircraft cables allow door to drop down to horizontal position for easy access to equipment in underbed
  • New V-Groove door frame, weather stripping and beveled edge door create the tightest moisture and break-in resistant seal available
  • Hinge design lets door drop down to vertical position when cables are removed
  • Lock guard reinforces the door for incredible strength
  • Wider, taller door opening for easier, faster access