Flex Series LED’s

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FLEX SERIES LEDs are a modular and customizable performance off-road LED lighting platform, that can be expanded as needs change. The FLEX Single is a compact and powerful stand-alone LED light. FLEX Duals and Arrays can be used as stand-alone lights, with the Duals and Arrays having the ability to be linked and stacked to each other to create a custom led light bar systems.

FLEX Single LED Pair Pack System is a powerful and compact off road LED lighting package that comes complete with 2x 10W FLEX Single LED lights and wiring harness. Available in Spot or Spread beam patterns. It comes complete with a u-bracket ready to mount easily in tight spaces where most lights wouldn’t

#271 KC FLEX Dual LED Spot Beam System – Includes one 20-watt Flex Dual and wiring harness #272 KC FLEX Dual LED Spread Beam System – Includes one 20-watt Flex Dual and wiring harness Flex Dual LED Lights are available in Spot and Spread beam patterns and come standard with black bodies and gold bezels. Optional add-on red, blue or black changeable bezels are also available and allow for additional personalization. Flex Dual LED lights are compact, rugged and produce a tremendous amount of light at a distance. Flex housings and light cores are made with high-grade aluminum and use precision tuned reflector optics. Flex Duals are perfect for use as motorcycle LEDs, motocross LEDs, Jeep LEDs, Truck and SUV LEDs.

  • Features
  • Featuring 2 x 10W Cree XM-L2 U2 LEDs
  • 5,700K Color Temperature
  • 50,000 Hour LED Life
  • Precision Reflector Optics
  • Raw Lumens: Spot Beam – 1,950 LM/Flex Dual, Spread Beam – 1,950 LM/Flex Dual
  • Lux @ 10 Meters: Spot Beam – 500 LX/Flex Dual, Spread Beam – 330 LX/Flex Dual
  • Candela: Spot Beam – 50,000 CD/Flex Dual, Spread Beam – 33,000 CD/Flex Dual
  • Spot Beam Pattern (focused bright light), Spread Beam Pattern (wider bright light)
  • Aluminum Housings
  • Operates on 9 to 18 Volts
  • IP68 Rated
  • Protected Against EMI Interference
  • Pair Pack Includes Wiring Harness with Waterproof Connectors