Midnight Series Full Width Front HD Winch Bumper

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Midnight Series Full Width Front HD Winch Bumper by Ranch Hand¨. Midnight by Ranch Hand was designed for those of you who go hard no matter what you’re doing. Forged by hand, Midnight is a full form-fitting front-end replacement bumper constructed of 3/16″ thick smooth steel, while only weighing approx. 175lbs. Midnight is the lightest bumper to date without compromising your expectations of a Ranch Hand bumper. MidnightÕs brightest feature is the way it fits the front of your truck. A highly adaptable, sleek, aggressive bumper with the tightest fit you can find. Your truck is awesome, and itÕs because your personality is all over it. This product allows you to make your own rules with either the additional protection of a grille guard or the lower profile aesthetic of a bumper.