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The DU-HA Tote is designed to hold your gear, tools, rifles, shotguns, ammo, and other items in the rear cargo area of most vehicles and trailers. The DU-HA Tote acts as a legal gun case in most states, has a sealed, lockable lid, and holds 4 shotguns or rifles, with or without scopes securely in an upright position.

  • Features
  • All-In-One: Storage, Tool Box, and Gun Case
  • Provides useful storage inside/outside your vehicle
  • Fits most SUV’s, pickup trucks, vans, and trailers
  • Stores your valuables safely out of sight
  • Helps keep your gear organized
  • Multi-use: Perfect for contractors, sportsmen, soccer moms, and everyone in between
  • Removable and portable – Wheels and handles on each end make it extremely portable
  • Lockable lid has three (3) latches to help provide added security for your belongings
  • Latches can be locked using standard padlocks
  • Sealed lid helps keep out moisture and dust
  • Holds four (4) shotguns or rifles, with or without scopes
  • Includes organizers/dividers/gun rack
  • Organizer/gun rack set is made of soft material so it won’t damage your gear or guns
  • Includes two (2) red utility trays with dividers to help keep your smaller items organized
  • Constructed from heavy duty polyethylene
  • Tote can be pulled on 2 wheels using the end handle (like a roller suitcase), or it can be pulled on 4 wheels using the included pull strap
  • Many vehicles will hold up to 3 Totes side-by-side
  • Lifetime warranty