126-3-02 SADDLE BOX

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Saddle Boxes are the most popular truck storage solution due to ease of installation, maximum bed clearance, and legendary durability. The Model 126-3-02 is a steel truck tool box for full size trucks and has a storage capacity of 11.3 cu ft. The White ARMOR TUF¨ Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability.

  • Truck tool box fits all Full-Size pickups with 8ft beds
  • Tamper-resistant, retracting EXTREME PROTECTION¨ Lock on the saddle tool box for trucks helps protect against break-ins
  • 90 degree cover opening for easy access
  • Automotive-style rotary latch on the saddle box features smooth one-touch opening
  • Full weather seal on the truck tool box protects against the elements
  • 12 volt access for electrical up-fits
  • Level storage area secures a 48 inch level
  • Brite White ARMOR TUF¨ Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability
  • Limited lifetime warranty ensures unparalleled quality