Window Tinting

Keep your vehicle in pristine condition with our professional window tinting services. Our shop has established a reputation for providing world-class customer care and workmanship at highly competitive prices. From glare and heat reduction to shatter- and scratch-resistant coatings, our specialists can do it all! Additionally, all of our window films have a lifetime warranty.

Decades of experience

Each of our certified tint installers have been through vigorous training sessions and have all been certified by top name window tint manufacturers. They each have a minimum of 10 years experience and some have closer to 20 years experience. Unlike other shops you will not get a rookie tech learning on your vehicle when you bring it to us.

What type of film do we use?

Since 1998 we have experimented with many types of materials. As authorized dealers of 3M, Llumar, Sun Guard, and Sun-x, we have seen all the varieties of products and have had many experiences of using different types of window tint along the way. We took everything that we liked from each of these companies and combined the best qualities of their best tint and created our own brand. We now private label our own window tint. We are positive that our Window Tint is the best in the business and we will stand behind our tint for as long as you own your vehicle.

Premier Car Tinting Installation (and Removal) Services

All our films are at the leading edge of technology and come with a lifetime warranty! Whatever your needs, we have the right film for you. Stop by and see our various tint shades and colors to select the right fit for you. window tint offers a variety of benefits including glare and heat reduction, shatter- and scratch-resistant coating, improved comfort, and up to 99% UV-ray protection. Your tint should never fade to purple, peel, bubble, or crack and if it does, we will replace it free of charge. Give your car the benefit of window tint today.

Window Tint Installation Services

After we’ve provided you a free quote, we’ll set up a convenient time to install your auto’s window tint at our location.

We offer top notch service and install all of the products we sell. With over 100 years combined automotive experience, our certified technicians are the best in the business. You will not find a more qualified staff in the industry than right here.