Ball Mounts

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Ball mounts are a key product in the towing industry and a core item within the CURT product line. We have invested in the technology necessary to produce a full line of exceptionally strong and attractive ball mounts, ensuring that they are a step above the rest. The vast majority of CURT ball mounts are CNC-formed and robotically welded for the utmost accuracy and cleanest weld lines possible. After construction, our ball mounts undergo a mechanical descaling process that creates a flawless surface for the application of our highly durable coating and powder coat finish. These two coats cure together to form a protective surface that is superior in rust, chip and UV protection.

At CURT, we understand that there are countless lifestyles in the world of towing. Each person has a slightly different set of interests and needs. That is why CURT offers a wide variety of ball mount options, not just in size and capacity but also in shape, function and capability. One of our most exciting ball mount products is our exclusive Euro Mount ball mount. This sleek fixed-ball design is fast and easy to install, requiring no tools or torque specifications. Each Euro Mount is designed to replace a common, old-style ball mount, making trailer ball installation unnecessary. CURT also carries a number of other ball mount designs, each with its own set of advantages and uses.

2 Inch Ball Mounts: With so many different sizes and styles of trailers out there, we knew we could not make just one kind of ball mount to fit them all. The ball mount line from CURT is as diverse as the types of toys you love to haul with your class 3 or class 4 trailer hitch, from fishing boats, campers and utility trailers to livestock trailers, RVs and recreational vehicle haulers. Whatever your lifestyle, we want you to be able to Bring It with the right equipment. CURT 2 in. ball mounts range in towing capacity from 3,500 lbs. all the way up to 17,000 lbs. of gross trailer weight, and each one is precisely engineered and constructed to perfectly fit a 2 x 2 receiver.