Bedslide 1000 Classic

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Designed to be sleek while delivering up to a half-ton of cargo, the BEDSLIDE CLASSIC offers 4-inch perimeter side rails for secure, safe stowage, transport and easy access. Drop this in the bed and your truck just got a lot better.

  • Features
  • 4-inch perimeter side rails to secure your cargo
  • 32-inch wide grab bar for easy access from either side
  • Rubberized skid-proof deck
  • Multiple locking positions for safety and convenience
  • Heavy duty Cam-follower and sealed ball roller bearings for easy slide access.
  • Easy installation and removal system
  • Stylish design
  • ¬Ω Ton Payload (1000lbs. evenly distributed)
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • HEIGHT: 4 1/2 inches from truck bed to deck.
  • DECKING: Plywood with nickle pattern rubberized non-skid laminate.
  • BEARINGS: (2) 3282lb static rated Cam Follower bearings on load bearing end with (2) ball sealed roller bearings for guides.
  • LOCKING: locking positions every 10-12 inches with locks closed and fully opened.
  • EXTENSION: 3/4 extension.
  • INSTALLATION: 1 hour. It’s recommended to have a dealer to install. Install over bedliners is not recommened as adjustements may need to be made and bedliners vary. For aluminum beds use part HALUMKT. Improper installation can lead to corrosion.
  • WEIGHTS: Weights can be found in the below application guide.