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SolarMax protective coating is the next generation of spray-on truck bed liner vehicle protection. A unique, aliphatic formulation, SolarMax coating combines toughness with maximum color stability. With its long-lasting color and UV protection, SolarMax applications tend to look great and last much longer than most bed liners!

    • Benefits to Customer:
    • Very good impact and abrasion resistance
    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Reduces noise from vibration and impact
    • Excellent weather protection
    • High tensile strength and tear resistance properties
    • Full color range available except pearls and metallics
    • Paint replacement
  • Ideal for:
  • People who leave their truck outdoors
  • Hunters
  • Custom Jeeps
  • Tactical vehicles
  • Show trucks
  • Marine applications
  • Walkways, stairwells and decks
  • Floor and wall protection
  • Any outdoor application requiring a color fast chemical, such as fire hydrants or any other “safety” color
  • Hard coat for EPS foam such as signs and architectural forms